Lliana (gwenlliana) wrote in hh_library,

Fic: Unexpected

Title: Unexpected
Author: gwenlliana
Rating: R
Prompt: Sordid for 100quills
Word Count: 457
Summary: Hermione's curiosity gets the better of her
Warnings: scenes of a sexual nature, incest, UST, voyuerism
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Bellatrix, Hermione
Notes: Thank you to my lovely Beta snowflakie06! You are wonderful! Thanks for making me feel like I shouldn't give up, when I was ready to quit!

Bodies slid against one another, hands grasping, moans, and whispered words of love and arousal poured from lips that kept seeking out the other as if they were food and light to a starving man in the dark. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had known that peering into his pensieve was an invasion of his privacy, but she couldn’t stop herself. Just one quick look, one little foray to understand him better is what she told herself before lowering her face into the shimmering liquid memory swirling in the bowl. She thought she would find herself in the past learning more about Harry’s parents, seeing his friendship with Remus, or the betrayal of the Marauders by Peter. She never in a thousand years would have imagined this; they were like two dark fairies sporting in the woods, their lithe bodies matched perfectly, as did their hair and eyes. It was so beautiful to watch, wrong, but beautiful.  She couldn’t tear herself away from the image of their coupling, no matter how much she wanted to. Her eyes feasted on the milk white skin and full breasts, of the sylph-like woman riding Sirius, and she felt herself become wet at the passion that burned in two pairs of gray eyes. Hermione managed to wrench herself from the memory, her body and face burning with passion and shame. As she shook herself to clear the feelings caused by her inadvertent voyeurism; she wondered what had happened to turn such as beautiful passionate woman into the sadistic monster she has now become.  Hermione knew she could never describe what she had seen; never tell Harry or Ron the vision she had witnessed in the depths of the pensieve. Only three people would ever keep the memory of Bellatrix and Sirius in the dark wood, the beauty of their passion, removing from their coupling all sense of sordidness.        

Later, alone in her room, Hermione’s thoughts turned to the vision she had witnessed earlier.  Her own hands roving over her body as she replayed the scene in her mind. Imagining his hands on her breasts, his mouth whispering those words into her ears. She had never looked at him that way before, her mind always balking at the fact that he was so much older than her, but tonight with the picture in her mind so clear, she finally saw him as a man, not Harry’s godfather, not Remus’s best friend but a man of such lust and passion it made her head spin at the very thought. She brought herself off with her fingers circling her clit and his image circling her thoughts, as her eyes fluttered closed she wondered how she would face him in the morning.

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