One-hundred percent intelligent black child.... (enygma1920) wrote in hh_library,
One-hundred percent intelligent black child....


Title: Just the Beginning
Author: enygma1920
Rating: G
Char/Pairs: R/Hr, G/H
Warning/Spoilers: HBP
Word Count: 114

Summary: Entered in the hh_housecup competition, prompt was "Returning Home"

A/N: It didn't win but hey it was the first stab at a drabble...

In all their turbulent lives, they had never seen such a beautiful sight. The pale hues of morning peeked on the receding curtain of night. An innocent scent wafted into the air while the four stood and watched as the ramshackle house they’d all come to call home became slowly engulfed in the sun’s light. Ron made the first move as he pulled Hermione towards the home that nurtured their love so long ago. Ginny smiled and admired the emerald eyed wizard standing next to her.

He looked down and squeezed her hand. "I guess this is the end," he whispered, smiling wistfully.

Ginny shook her head, "No, Harry. This is just the beginning."
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