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fanfic- angst/drama

TITLE: Goodbye Forever
AUTHOR: musagirl15
CHARACTERS: Salazar, Godric, Rowena and Helga
LENGTH: 1577 words
SUMMARY: Salazar finds out the woman he loves has betrayed him, so he turns his back on the school he helped built and his friends. Basically why Slytherin leaves Hogwarts.
A/N: I wrote this for lumos_owls

The day was like any other day, the Common Welsh Green dragons flew over head and the students of the recently built Hogwarts School are playing in the sun. The time is before 993 and all four house founders are getting along happily. Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw are sitting on their stone chairs as they watch their students play. Helga is wearing her darling black and yellow dress. As her light hair is tied tightly in a bun on the back of her head, with glimmering white pearls. Next to her is one of her best friends, Rowena and her attire consist of a long blue dress with pink sleeves. Her beautiful dark hair is in her usual blue and pink head attire. The two witches have been waiting for their other friends, Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin. Who just happen to be late to their meeting, that started quite sometime ago.

On the other side of the great castle in one of the rooms, a tall man with dark black hair and a goatee is finishing getting dressed. His shoulder length hair is tied to a emerald colored ribbon, that matches his long sleeve shirt, as his black pants matches his hair. On his shoulders is his dark purple cloak, that he is tying around his neck. He took one last look at himself in his mirror to see how handsome he looked before taking his leave.

His name is Salazar Slytherin, and he is one of the co founders of this esteemed school. At this time he’s suppose to go and meet with the other co founders, but he has a more important engagement to attain to. He glances at the adjacent corridors, before making his escape through the hidden passage way beside his sleeping quarters. He steps into the darken corridor and lights a torch with his wand. Once the torch is lit he is once again on his way out of the castle.

After getting out of the maze, Salazar is finally out of the castle with time to spare, he looks around and gets out of the trap door. Once the door is shut he dusts off his cloths and heads out of the house, he and the other co-founders designed as an escape route if anything was to happen to the school.

He steps out of the house and walks by other witches and wizards, some say hello, while others just continue on their way. Finally Salazar is where he wants to be, in front of him is a beautiful white house, surrounded by bright green grass. He walks up the stone pathway and knocks on the door, but before his knuckle hits the door he hears something from within. Voices, a male and female. Who else could be in here? Salazar’s blood starts to boil as his mind starts to think of who would dare come into this home. He takes out his wand and destroys the door, he steps into the house. Across the room there are two figures holding each other, a women with beautiful light-hair and sparkling crystal eyes. Her figure is that of an hour glass and her sky colored dress hugs her body nicely as it shows the top of her bosoms. The man with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist is muscular, his darkened hair and matching eyes, that glare deadly at Salazar. The man’s attire is that of a muggle’s and Salazar is ashamed that his beloved would choice a filthy muggle over him, he one of the greatest wizards to ever live.

“Who are thee that dares to be in my beloved’s home?” growled the muggle as he stepped in front of the beautiful women. The man showed no sign of backing down to the powerful wizard in front of him, nor to the women who is telling him to run.

“No pathetic muggle, it is thee that is in my belove’s home.” stated Salazar deadly as he gripped his wand in his right hand. “And for that, thou must pay for thou’s crime.” He raised his wand and pointed it at the man in front of him. “Avada Kedavra.” A powerful blast erupted from Salazar’s wand and sent the man and the woman flying to the wall. You could hear collision of their bodies hitting the wall, their bones breaking as they screamed in pain. Salazar held no regret or sadness in his eyes as he walked towards his former love and her fornicator. The women opened her eyes weakly as Salazar stood over her and the dead man laying on her body.

“I’m..sor” But her former love just shook his head as he gave her a cold look. Nothing she says now will ever matter, she’s lost him forever. It was a mistake to be with a muggle, especially when it meant losing her first love.

“Thou are not sorry for thou has given thine heart to another, and to a muggle no less. Thou disgust me, die thee filthy harlot.” Salazar turned his back and walked away from the women and the dead man that lays on her.

Hours later Salazar arrives back at Hogwarts, as he took the long way back home. Not wanting to be bothered by anyone, but sadly he’s back now and the others will surly want to know where he’s been. So he walks up the many stairs and arrives at a golden falcon and says ‘United we stand,’ the password to get in the meeting quarters. After coming up on the falcon he opened the door, and there in front of him sits his friends. All of which do not look happy, he sighs heavily as he takes his seat at their table.

The table has four equal sides, as to represent that all four founders are equal in every way. Rowena and Helga sit to the opposite of each other, as Godric and Salazar are the same way. Helga’s usual happiness is nowhere to be found on her lovely face, Rowena looks quite unpleased and Godric, who’s hair in long and golden rest on his shoulders and his muscular shoulders are rested across his chest. His face holds no emotion, unlike his other two founders. He looks at his old friend with his golden eyes, he understands why Salazar did what he did.

“Slytherin, old friend, I do not agree with what you did. But I understand where it came from, thou loved Lady Avoca. Ever since we be young, thou loved her like no other and I’m truly sorry she did that to thee, my dear friend.” Gryffindor sighed as he tossed his long hair behind his shoulder. “I have talked with the council and they have agreed to let thee stay with us, but thou must control thine anger.” Godric looked at Salazar as to make sure he agreed with him, and he did.

“Right, now with that done, lets get to what we were suppose to be discussing earlier.” sighed Rowena as she folded his hands on the table. The rest of the founders leaned in and started to put their opinions in the discussion.

After that day Salazar became more unsociable, he rarely taught his classes and ate with the rest of the school. Most of the time no one saw him, and when they did he gave them a very cold look that sent many running away. Finally after weeks of preparation, Salazar has finished his plan and all that’s left is for him to open the door and let lose a very deadly monster.

So this night as Salazar sneaks out of his quarters and into the corridor, he looks around to make sure no one is around. There isn’t, and so he quietly sneaks down the corridor. Suddenly the darken corridor illuminated around him. Salazar ceased his pace as he heard a muscular cough, he turned around and came face to face with his fellow founders. Rowena, Helga and Godric don’t look happy, all are still wearing their normal cloths as they stand looking at Salazar.

Helga’s sky blue eyes are cast down, fore she can’t bear to believe such a thing of her friend. Rowena’s hazel eyes are glaring at her former friend, considering he’s betrayed their students and them. Salazar finally gets the courage to look at the one wizard he’s been able to turn to, the wizard who stood beside him when he killed that bloody muggle. Unfortunately unlike last time, Godric doesn’t look happy one bit. His strong arms are folded across his broad chest, as his golden brown eyes look directly into Salazar’s dark almost black ones.

“Godric...” Salazar stopped himself; nothing he’ll say will make them understand, they haven’t felt the pain he’s felt. He bowed his head and looked away from his once dear friends.

“I’m sorry my friend, but thou must leave Hogwarts and...never come back.” It hurt Godric to utter those words to his friend, but he had to put the protection of his students before his friendship of Salazar.

Slytherin understood why Gryffindor said what he said, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t hurt by his words. “I will impart Hogwarts, but the Chamber of Secrets will be opened by my true heir!” Salazar took one final glance at three in front of him before he stormed out of Hogwarts permanently.
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